Hi! We are SearchSwarm, With over 15 years’ experience in the digital marketing industry; we have seen the changes that the industry has been through and take a fresh approach to search marketing to deliver spectacular results for our clients.


The core principles behind digital can be reasonably straightforward but for us, it goes much further than that. We pride ourselves on understanding the data used to influence search algorithms. We analyse and integrate with many the data sources; to gain powerful and valuable insight so we can explore the best solutions for your digital strategy & marketing.

With experience on working with some of the largest online platforms and in-house technology built by our founders, we create campaigns to improve your business potential. From audits to long term strategies, we offer the widest range of bespoke services to suit your needs.

SEO Search Analytics

Search Analytics

We decode your data & help you understand the best way to improve your organic performance so you can stay ahead of your competitors. Determine how to engage better with your audience and improve the way your audience views your site. Discover your potential and create the best marketing plan to maximise your ranking chances organically in SERPs and increase CTR.

Technical Consultancy

Utilising custom-built distributed cloud based crawlers; we analyse millions of pages to ensure that your site is well optimised.
Whether it’s a site in pre-production or an established platform, we offer deep technical consultancy and the best on-site SEO practices to ensure that you’re not missing on your full market potential.

SEO Technical Consultancy
SEO Training

SEO Training

Whether you're new to SEO or advanced, there's always new things to learn.
We design our training sessions to cater your wants and needs; whether it be a workshop or a one-on-one session, we can provide extensive training in any area no matter what level you are at.

Advanced Forecasting

With our advanced data analysis & predictive algorithms; we mesh large data sets with yours to hone our digital marketing strategy.

SEO Advanced Forecasting
SEO Health Check

Health Check

Whether your brand has been subject to a penalty or you’re looking to proactively curate your online presence, we diagnose and ensure your website is up to date and fully optimised for the latest search algorithms.