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Holiday eCommerce is one of the biggest windows of opportunity for retailers. In China last year, Single's Day sales reached a record breaking $14.3 Billion with no doubt that this record will be broken again this year on 11/11.

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Back in the UK, this year Black Friday will be on Friday 25th November 2016. One of the biggest shopping days of the year happens after the national holiday in the US and Canada - Thanksgiving. Only over the last couple of years has the UK adopted the idea of Black Friday and retailers such as John Lewis, Tesco and Game, now participate in this shopping event. 

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It is easy to see that the search trend for 'Black Friday' is time sensitive and peaks in November when the event happens. However, there is an average of 135,000 searches in October*, so what are SERP listing currently looking like? 

black friday serp listing

Currently, only 3 retailers are returning results on the first page of the SERP listing. With 30 days to go until the big event, now is the time to boost your SEO without letting too many secrets out! Black Friday is an extremely good chance to not only drive traffic to your site but also drive footfall into stores. 

Top Tips to Maximise your SEO for Black Friday

1. Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly
With the growth of mobile search, ensuring your site is mobile friendly and as easy as possible for potential buyers will help with conversions. 

2. Create Holiday Related Content
By creating and publishing the content now, it will ensure that your content will be indexed by search engines before many competitors get there first and possibly rank better. 

3. Build Links Early
Just as above, once the content has been indexed, it is time to boost your SEO. Build the links and boost credibility for your content.

4. Utilise Existing Black Friday Links
Recycle the pages from previous years, not only is it already indexed but you may already be ranking for top keywords.

5. Don't Forget About Cyber Monday
Consider publishing your Cyber Monday content on Friday evening after Black Friday has 'finished'. This will give search engines plenty of time to index before Monday comes around. 

*Data supplied by Google