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Meet Google Assistant. Announced less than 24 hours ago at Google's Keynote, it will feature on their latest devices - Pixel and Home. A step up from Google Now, Google Assistant is a like PA in your hand who can help you with every day tasks such as playing music or getting directions. So, how is this going to affect search and SEO. 

Say you are messaging a friend and you are planning to meet at your local cinema but, you are unfamiliar with the route, you can get Google Assistant to help you find the route. Further into your conversation, you decide to get dinner before watching the film, again you can ask Google Assistant to search for restaurants around the area you are meeting and even make a reservation. This has all been done without leaving the messaging app and seeing any SERP listings. 

Mobile SERP's already have a lot less room than desktop searches so with search listings that appear in your messaging app, we expect in the future, all descriptions will need to be condensed even further.

Having tried out Google Assistant as a preview when using Google Allo, when asking questions such as, 'How to make bread' we were returned with just one result with in the app - the same snippet that you see when searching on desktop so being at the top is going to be more important than ever! For search results such as looking for a restaurant, it will be even more important for local SEO will to be optimised.  


Google Assistant SERP


Although, Google Assistant can possibly change the way we search, we believe it will just turn out to be a new way to search on mobile and not one that replaces current methods.