Apple Sierra is Here.png

YES. Siri is coming to a Macbook or iMac near you in the next 12 days! Although, it didn't make it into the keynote conference yesterday, the latest OS update - Sierra, will bring Siri to our Apple computers. We will soon be talking to our computers instead of talking to our phones which have limitations. As mentioned on a previous post, people tend to only do voice searches when they are in a private place, for example, at home. It is rare that we actually see or hear someone using voice commands in public still. With Siri joining the Mac family, how can we see the search market changing?

Currently, as Siri only exists on mobile devices, when conducting a search, the listings will favor the mobile friendly pages which is what Google has been focusing on in recent years. With Siri being able to conduct searches on a Macbook, mobile SERP listings will no longer need take priority therefore, we shouldn't be expecting any out of the ordinary algorithm updates. What we can expect to change is user behaviour. People will be talking to their devices as if it were a living object. We will be asking more and more questions and we should find a decline in short tail searches. Will our traditional SEO really become SXO (search experience optimisation)?