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You'll find that a lot of SEO guides will tell you that blogging is extremely important as it creates new content and helps to drive traffic to your site. So what happens if you stop blogging?

Google puts users first so relevancy is key to the search. The more content you push out, the more fresh content there is, the more search engine bots will come and visit your site to index the new pages. This in turn will not only improve your chances to appear in SERPs but also helps on the ranking signal as your site is regularly posting fresh content. From a business perspective, this can be a devastating blow. With less visibilty, comes less traffic.A few years back, blogging was more of an online diary for individuals with such sites as Live Journal. These days you will find eCommerce sites that have a blog for exactly these reasons even though the primary goal a user is to make a purchase. Blog pages can lead to conversions for any site.

If you stop blogging, can you guess what happens? Of course, your site is not going to disappear into the oblivion of the search engine universe, but as your content becomes yesterday's news so will your site in SERPs. Here is some Semrush data for 2 YouTubers who shall remain anonymous. Both of these YouTubers are still regularly pushing out new videos on a regular basis, however one updates their blog with each video and one has completely ignored it for quite some time, can you guess which is which?

what happens to my seo if I stop blogging

what happens to my seo if I stop blogging

If you said that YouTuber No.2 is the one who has given up on their blog, we were thinking the same thing! Blogging is only beneficial so you should always make time for it! However, do not forget that blogging and content is not the only way to help boost your SEO! Contact us to find out more about how we can help you with your SEO.